Quick Fix: Banned by cPHulkd (cPanel/WHM)

Ever been banned by cPanel’s cPHulkd?  Well, as of today I can officially say I have been.  On a server I was supposed to be administering no less!  This is what I get for agreeing to help a friend who uses cPanel.  I hate it and feel it’s a waste of resources.  But, to each their own.  Here’s how to quickly fix the issue:

  1. SSH into the server and log into your root account.
  2. Execute the following:
  3. Log into WHM, still as root.
  4. Go to “Security Center” > “cPHulk Brute Force Protection”
  5. You’ll see some text saying “clear failed logins” with a button next to it labeled “Flush DB”.
  6. Hit that.
  7. Switch back to SSH and execute the following to start cPHulk:

While you have cPHulk’s configuration open I would strongly encourage you to whitelist your IP.  Switch to the “White/Black List Management” tab and enter your IP into the white list.  You won’t ban yourself from cPanel/WHM any longer.

And maybe consider dropping cPanel entirely and allocating those resources back to your applications?

Bob Hensley

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