A Terrible Host

A couple months ago I was in the market for a new hosting company. My previous host began going in a direction I didn’t care for. And then they stopped support auto invoice processing and the last thing I need is yet another bill to micromanage. So I came across Virpus, a host with decent unmanaged packages for great prices. I ended up staying with them for a grand 48 hours because that’s how long it has taken for them to piss me off. Even now, over a month later.

Hosts that don’t provision within their promised time frame piss me off. But that pisses off a lot of people. So when I ordered my VPS nodes at the beginning of May and didn’t receive them within 48 hours I requested my refund. Virpus supports a 7 day money back guarantee. Ignoring the fact that it actually took Virpus over a week to respond to my billing ticket, lets fast forward a couple weeks to the end of May. By now I’ve wiped my hands clean of Virpus and sitting happy believing the nodes are canceled and a thing of the past.

I was wrong. I got billed for one of the two nodes on May 24th. I wrote that invoice off, I wasn’t going to be bothered to type up a ticket and go through the annoyance of being ignored for a week just for some $30. In fact I didn’t even bother to log into my Virpus support account. That blissful ignorance went great until yesterday when I was emailed about a second invoice having been generated. Luckily I caught this one before it made it to the billing term because while I’ll write off $30, $60 is a different story when it shows no sign of ending.

Come to find out when I requested the cancellation and refund the owner of Virpus, Kenneth, failed to terminate both nodes. Thus as of the second invoice I had been billed $60 ($30 of which I actually paid) for a service that I not only was not utilizing but couldn’t because the node had never been provisioned. I sent in a ticket to the host which was, surprisingly, answered within an appropriate time frame. I was informed that the node had been canceled (it was), I had been refunded for the first erroneous invoice and that the second erroneous invoice had been terminated.

Enter Kenneth’s second failure. He didn’t terminate that invoice. In fact it made it to processing. Another ticket later and finally I have my money back and my billing information is no longer on Virpus’ servers.

Now I don’t claim to have much experience with running hosts. I have none. But how difficult it is to null out a user entirely? Missing one of their products is a pretty big deal when they’re going to get billed month-after-month even though that product doesn’t exist. I’m amazed these kinds of hosts make it longer than a year. Virpus is about as close to being a fly-by-night host as possible, while still remaining legitamate.

Avoid Virpus, mmkay?

Bob Hensley

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