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User Authentication with MySQL Stored Routines

User Authentication with MySQL Stored Routines

Making MySQL Do More The standard approach to authentication systems in web development is simple: store your confidential data in a database, pull the needed data from said database and let your chosen language/framework (PHP, Ruby, Python, etc.) do the work. What many programmers don’t realize is that MySQL is capable of so much more than …

Relational Database Design for Developers (Database Normalization)

Database Normalization

Good Form, Peter Pan! Corny title of this section aside, database design is often a subject that developers gloss over. And because developers really cannot get by without utilizing databases, I’m writing this guide for them. It’s not even exclusive to any specific relational database management system (RDBMS); though, it must be an RDBMS- NoSQL solutions …

Stored Routines: Word Filtering Inside the Database

MySQL Stored Routines

Please note: This article was written in late 2010.  Before MariaDB.  Before MySQL 5.5 even released.  What you read below may no longer work, or require modifications to make work. MySQL Stored Routines: Another Useful Scenario In a past guide I discussed MySQL stored routines within MySQL. Now I’m back with another guide on MySQL stored routines. …